Bundanon - Vicki Mason & Alice Whish

(22 Aug - 21 Spet 2019 at Craft Vic, Melbourne, Australia)

Vicki Mason and Alice Whish present new jewellery resulting from a joint AIR in Bundanon, NSW in 2018. Embedded in the works are ideas that interrogate how plants have the capacity to connect us to place to reveal something of the genius loci or the spirit of that place.

Mason digs into the stories and connections people working at Bundanon have with select plants of the property. Knowledge about plants and their names is dwindling and Mason seeks to draw our attention to specific species as a way of maintaining this knowledge and keeping it in circulation. At Bundanon, Whish had the privilege of learning about the positive effects of burning bushland from the Mudjingaalbarraga fire group, particularly in relation to understanding and controlling plant diversity. In this exhibition she explores specific plants that return after a fire as well as how individuals orientate and navigate within the bush environment.

Artist. Vicki Mason & Alice Whish - Photographed by Nani P