Charged Moments - Matthew Adcock

(23 May - 3 June 2018 at Black Cat Gallery - Gallery 2, Melbourne, Australia)

Charged Moments is a body of paintings that explore emotionally-charged situations, to reveal psychosocial complexities that are uncomfortable, or unmanageable. Matthew constructs narratives dealing with internal angst, as well as an interaction with, and an observation of his social sphere. The narratives use a mixture of ambiguity, surprise, and humour which are amplified by wild colours and rough visual techniques. Specific intense memories, dreams, and imagined events are elaborated on. Ambiguity of circumstance is created by each of these tableaux-like paintings, which enter into the middle of a single narrative. The ambiguity, as well as the humour of the works, allow for a refreshing twist to what may otherwise be overbearing material. Charged Moments sprung out of Matthew's MFA (completed at RMIT in 2016).

Artist. Matthew Adcock - Photographed by Nani P