Cosmic Ocean - David C Mahler

(23 May - 3 June 2018 at Black Cat Gallery - Gallery 2, Melbourne, Australia)

A vast ocean of energies surrounds us. We emanate as much as we absorb, shooting out waves to the void in the hope of forming connection. The universe is an echo chamber of vibrations, and we are each a piece of its puzzle. Like plankton bobbing in the swell we are an insignificant yet divinely crucial part of the cosmic ocean.

‘Cosmic Ocean’ presents a new body of paintings and projection pieces by David C Mahler, depicting the flowing energies of the universe through abstract pattern and chaos. Constellations meld with intricate line-work, bulbous forms and marine imagery, building a layered montage of time and space.

Artist. David C Mahler - Photographed by Nani P