How to Weight the Air by Amy Joy Watson

(16 Nov - 8 Dec 2012 at Westspace, Melbourne, Australia)

This installation features a series of lightweight sculptures which are trying to go upwards. They float with the assistance of helium balloons, delicately balance on a single point or form a stack using magnetic attraction. These geometric sculptures are made using a rigorous and inventive approach to materials and the making process where segments of finely cut, watercolour stained balsa wood or cut sections of fabric are delicately hand-stitched together. These objects are not static, they feel alive and in the case of the balloon works have a life span. The stack of silver threaded clouds can be magnetically reconfigured while the stack of mesh transparent stars gently spins and wobbles. Upon entering this installation you feel as though you are intruding upon a party and when you vacate they continue with their games.

Amy Joy Watson was born in Adelaide in 1987. She completed a Bachelor of Visual Art with Honours in 2008. Amy has shown in various solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia including a solo exhibition at GRANTPIRRIE Gallery 2 in Sydney and at the Contemporary Art Space of South Australia’s Project Space. She undertook a two-month studio residency at Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin Germany in 2009. And is currently undertaking a three month studio residency at ISCP (International Studio and Curatorial Program) in Brooklyn, New York, sponsored by the 2011 CARCLEW Ruth Tuck Scholarship. Amy has been successful in winning several CARCLEW, Helpmann and Arts SA grants and has received various awards locally and internationally including the 2011 Adelaide Critics Circle Contemporary Art Award and the 3rd Ward Brooklyn (USA) Open Call Early Entry Prize in 2011.(Text via West Space)

Artist. Amy Joy Watson - Photographed by Nani P