Life in Colour by The Peatreecollective

(19 May - 2 June 2016 at Off The Kerb, Melbourne, Australia)

“I’d rather have scars than live a totally bland life” - Chris Johanson

We all know them...we’ve certainly seen them...we might in fact be like them! There are these creatures that share our existence, the ones that grapple through life, with such colourful “grace”. They sit slightly bottom left of centre and couldn’t care less what you and I think. They look worse for wear and have a distinguished scent. They read between the lines and colour outside of the circle. They stay well within their jurisdiction and only venture out to get groceries. They’re very busy people going nowhere in a hurry. They have bikes because they can’t afford cars. They wear very little clothing and bathe even less. They go on benders, every other night of the week. They live super real lives, like you and i. There life is in colour, just like yours and mine!

Artist. The Peatreecollective - Photographed by Nani P