Soft Toy City

(13 - 30 June 2018 at Rubicon Ari, Melbourne, Australia)

Soft toys are made from material & sewn together, usually filled with some type of huggable material such as wool, cotton or plastic beans.They're often cute, fun, playful, colourful & if we're talking old toys, sometimes a bit weird, sad & creepy. Soft toys are essentially made for children, yet they are comfort objects & are able to provide support to someone's mental & emotional well-being at any age.

In Soft Toy City artists explore their own personal relationship or perhaps even non-relationship with soft toys now as adults. Specifically, but not limited to, old soft toys (like old teddies) that were significant to one growing up and what those toys mean now (if anything at all).
The works will be created & shown in a variety of different ways from painting to soft sculpture. Youth, nostalgia, honesty, sentimentality & the concept of cute will be explored within the exhibition. 

Artist. Aaron Grech, Anna MacNeill, April JY Kim, Brigit Maher, Brooke Van Der Linden, Caitlin Shearer, Cat Rabbit, Emma Hampton, Evie Barrow, Gemma Flack, Hayley Martin, Kaitlyn Hickey, Kathy Sarpi, Kenny Pittock, Kitiya Palaskas, Lizzi Morris, Louise Gilligan, Lucy Roleff, Madeleine Cleeve, Megan Rennie, Min Pin, Nani Puspasari, Peo Michie, Pey Chi, Phoebe Beard, Tai Snaith, Tegan Iversen. Curated by Tegan Iversen - Photographed by Nani P.