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CALL OUT artists for Group Exhibition: Femina Extravaganza

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Call out artists for Group Exhibition : Femina Extravaganza
Curate by Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son

OPENING : Thursday 24 Jan 2019 at 6-8 pm. 

EXHIBITION : Wed 23 Jan - Sun 3 Feb , 2019

We are currently seeking artist who work in any medium & theme including painting , sculpture, print, illustration and photography to exhibit work as part of our next group show reflects to the theme of Femininity

- All entries must capture the annual theme
- All works are no larger than 100 cm. 
- All types and mediums of fine art will be accepted.
- All entries must be original works of the artist.
- All works submitted must be available for sale at the exhibition and artists must set a price for their artwork when submitting.


DEADLINE: 15 Dec , 2018 at midnight 
Announce exhibitors : Mon 17 Dec 2018 

Fee $35 per art work for size under 50 cm. 
Fee $50 per art work of size more than 50-100 cm .
Gallery takes a 25% commission on all sold works.
Submit : 
- Artist CV 
- work Images and details ( Title, Size , Medium and price ) 
to : [email protected]

Drop off at work : SUN 20 Jan from 12:00 - 5:00 pm. 
Pack up : SUN 3 Feb from 4:00-5:00 pm. 

Group Show : Femina Extravaganza

The contemporary society and culture still fail to differentiate femininity from womanhood, and female from woman. The sociocultural framework rather creates visual imagery and textual discourse to enforce ‘femininity and womanhood’ as well as ‘female and woman’ as embodied identities into certain bodies. This discourse further creates exclusivity to cast aside any other bodies that are willing to identify as ‘woman’ or live their lives through the ‘womanhood’. The victims who suffer from this power system often stand in these conflicted zones of woman as ‘embodied identity’ vs ‘gendered identity’. This exhibition explores the body as a site of struggle, consumption projected to media/society/culture, and further investigates ‘femina’ as an extraterritorial space that can embrace those bodies that identity as female but not woman, or as woman but not female; those bodies that have lived through femininity but not womanhood, or through womanhood but not femininity.

Cr image : Chamnan Chongpaiboon
Text : Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son
BlackCat Gallery
95 Johnston St, Collingwood 3066
Wed-Sun 12:00 - 5:00 pm
[email protected]
IG : blackcatgallery
03 9913 5833